“You’ve Stumbled on the Best Lender in Town,” said Jessica.

“You’ve Stumbled on the Best Lender in Town,” said Jessica.


If you’re currently in a whirlwind of house-hunting and lender-shopping, it’s time to take a breather. You’ve just stumbled upon the best lender in town. Jordan Vautier is a mortgage loan miracle-worker.

I’m an independent Transaction Coordinator (TC) for Realtors in San Diego and work with lots of mortgage lenders. Lots. Most work M-F 9-5, period. Same goes for some Realtors. That’s cool, but good luck getting that house of your dreams when you’re going up against 10+ offers and the people that are supposed to be doing everything in their power to get your offer accepted are only available certain days/times.

I own my own business and am always working, as are my most successful Realtor clients. When we find a lender or vendor that provides the same accessibility to their clients that we do, we stick to them like glue. Like super glue. Jordan is one of those guys. Jordan sets himself apart from the pack by being available 24/7. If I’m up working at 530am and send him an email, he’ll respond within minutes. Same goes for emails sent at 11pm, as well as one particular for instance when he was on vacation in Europe and it was like 4am his time.

Jordan is faultlessly reliable and is always available to answer any question I may have, even if it’s about one of my files that he’s not the lender on. Equally as important, Jordan gets deals done. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen him work messy files that other lenders refuse to touch, or help clients with very low credit scores get into a first home. He makes a 21 day close seem like an absolute cakewalk and I’ve heard Realtors joke amongst themselves and their clients, “If Jordan can’t get it done, no one can.” Oh, and rumor is that his rates can’t be beat, but that’s outside of my area of expertise…

Jessica Toby